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Plans for Commemorations in Israel 2017


  • A re-enactment of the charge is planned for the centenary on October 31, 2017. Barry Rodgers, a director of the Australian Light Horse Association, and Kelvin Crombie, Australian writer and historian, are organising these events. About 200 members of the Australian Light Horse Association are planning to go. If possible they may also do a parade of the horses through town for the school children earlier in the day.
  • There will be a commemoration service at the British War Cemetery in Be’er Sheva and also a short memorial at the Turkish memorial.
  • The official opening of the new Light Horse Museum in Be’er Sheva.
  • JNF Link to the museum update:
  • The Be’er Sheva council under Mayor Ruvik Danilovitch, is organising this. It is to be located beside the British War Cemetery and to be ready for the centenary in 2017.
  • There will be a commemoration at the Park of the Australian Soldier in Be’er Sheva.


Sequence of Events - subject to change

5.00 am - Cemetery site opens.  Buses and cars to go to Football stadium Etzel St for processing before proceeding to cemetery drop off point.  Airline type security check.  Pass and passport are essential. Seating is first in gets the bet seats.  

8.30 am - Final entry to cemetery. 

9.00-10.00 am - Ceremony at the Commonwealth Cemetery - ABC will be livecasting the service (6pm-7pm in Australia).

10.15-10.45 am - Opening of the new ANZAC Museum - Audience to stay seated and will watch this on screen. 

11.00-11.30 am - Turkish Memorial service

12.00-12.30pm - Civic parade with the Light Horse and band down HaAtsmaut St

2.00-2.30 pm - New Zealanders Ceremony at Tel el Saba (Tel Be'er Sheva) - Invitation only event

2.50-3.30 pm - Reenactment of the Charge by the Australian LightHorsemen at the Be'er Sheva River Park near the old Railway Bridge

4.30-5.00 pm - Park of the Australian Soldier official service and gala BBQ - Pass needed

We have been informed that all the Passes have been assigned. The Be'er Sheva council will be showing the live-cast of the morning service at the municipal theatres for those who have not managed to obtain a pass.  

How to Obtain a Pass:

Click on the link below in the Department of Veterans Affairs Website.

Click on "Obtain Your Attendance Pass"  You will need to set up an Account and then you can register


Largely due to the vision of Ziv Ophir of Kinneret College, which is located around the site of Semakh, the college has embarked on a project to reconstruct the damaged station, restore the surrounding buildings and continue the memory of these gallant soldiers. In the grounds of the college, they have erected a memorial plaque telling the story of the capture and listing the names of those killed, which was presented by members of the Australian Light Horse Association and was officially unveiled in 2012, with some Australian Light Horse Association members and many dignitaries present. The plans include an Australian park area with picnic tables, named after the ANZAC soldiers, a visitors’ centre with a multi-media presentation and a statue of an Australian soldier. They plan to complete this on or before the 100th anniversary and officially open it in 2017.

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Other Memorials

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  • The Turkish railway station from WW1 has been renovated and should be open to visitors.
  • The Jewish National Fund is developing a heritage trail along the ANZAC routes in southern Israel.



  1. Beersheba 90th anniversary celebrations – Jill Curry
  2. Ceremony for the opening of the Light Horse Memorial monument at Semakh, 2012 – Jill Curry
  3. ANZAC Monument, Semakh – Jill Curry
  4. Ziv Ophir explains about the Semakh railway station (behind) – Jill Curry
  5. Be’er Sheva station – Jill Curry



  • Tel Sheva: Opening of a monument to the New Zealanders who captured this important hill on the 31st October, 1917.
  • Be'er Sheva: Restoration of a well from the period of 1917.